Adding voices to my narrative

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I have an inspiring announcement: some of my stories have been narrated! The wonderful Veo Corva has done an excellent job narrating two of my stories: The Kindest Darkness: Chapter 1 and A Young Acquaintance, which you can go an listen to right now!

As someone who loves reading but sometimes struggles with it due to my dyslexia and enjoys auditive media, like audiobooks and podcasts, it is an incredible, slightly surreal feeling to have my own work narrated. It adds a whole new dimension to the text that wasn't there before, but it also gives me a sense of legitimacy. Even though I commissioned the works myself, it brings the work to life for me in a way that wasn't possible through text alone.

Getting these two stories narrated was a bit of a pilot for me. I've fantasized about having my work narrated for a very long time, and near the end of this awful year, I wanted to give that to myself as a gift, and I'm delighted with it. I have no specific plans yet, but I definitely hope to add more narrations of my work here. For now, the ones that are narrated can be found under the #narrated tag. In the other listings of the website, they can be identified by the little speaker symbol. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do!