We are made of cemeteries

Publish Date
Word Count
154 words
Content Warnings
  • Death

Our bodies housing husks of fallen
vast swathes of life and death
clinging to our flesh
germane to our existence
with hidden among them
reapers waiting to strike

So too are we made of the graves
of people who came before
who died for
and because of us

We are the mausoleums where lie buried
hopes that did not make it
stillborn dreams
and forgotten prophecies
in the crypts of futures that should have been

Great testements to battles won
where giants are buried
trampled by vanguards
stamped into diamonds
to be fashioned as false teeth
for vicious warlords

we are monuments for love that once was
every gentle touch chiselled in the bones of our souls
every whisper of support
forever echoing through our hearts

I welcome you into myself
showing you my night sky
where we stare as astronomers
at stares long since gone
until I am ready
to join your garden