The Scars Beneath Your Skin

Publish Date
Word Count
144 words
Content Warnings
  • Abuse;
  • Self Harm;
  • Trauma;
  • Sexual Assult

hey you!
yes you there! stop!
what do I want?
well, I....
wanted you to know.

that I can see

I can see the scars beneath your skin
I see the imprints on your face where he slapped you
I see the black shadows of the hands still groping you
I see the gunk and the slime you can never get rid of no matter how hard you scrub

I can see where you tried to tear off your ears every time mother screamed at you,
the blood-shot eyes that have seen too much
the mouth that begged him to live
and the gashes that have let black blood flow freely

child I can see it all
but all I can do is hug you and cry and scream
at the spectres looming over you
making you their beast of burden