Micro-Fiction: Paradox

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146 words

The golem twitched and grunted as the stone reluctantly sprang to life. After a second of regaining it's barings, the golem stared at the young wizard. "Vat is your wish, master?" I said in a low gravely voice, speaking with the speed of the growth of mountains. "I want you to disobey this order!" the young wizard said with a smirk almost a large as the golem itself. "Very well master," the golem uttered, and thudded down on the ground with a force that would make even a slumbering dragon wake. After minutes had passed and nothing had happened, the wizard started to tap his foot and pluck at his beard with an ever increasing annoyance. "Well?" he snapped. "Master, you told me to disobey you, but it is clear as day what you wanted was to be entertained. Hence, I will disobey... by doing nothing."