Micro-Fiction: Thunder Tea Road

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Word Count
253 words

She saw lightning flash across the sky, and counted. One...two....three...fo... and there it was. The thunder roared like a black tiger trying to scare off a competitor, with gashes of light tearing the sky asunder. She sat on the window sill and clutched a mug of tea close to her chest, while she watched it rain as if a god had decided to up-end the ocean above her house. The warmth of the mug and the blanket around her shoulders, providing much comfort. She had always enjoyed watching storms inside her cosy home. Suddenly she saw another light in the distance, but it was to faint to be a lightning strike. Oh dear, it was the light of a car! Who would be mad enough to brave the roads in this kind of weather? She watched the car come closer and closer, the lights dim in the rain as if fighting for survival, and hoped that the driver would find a safe haven soon. However, instead of driving past, the car slowed down and approached her property. This was unusual but perhaps not surprising, probably the stranger didn't want to risk the cliffsides in this weather. The car stopped next to hers, and a tall, dark figure got out and made its way towards the house. There came a knock at the door. She rushed to the door, and when she opened it, she saw a face she hadn't seen in 13 years. "Hi mum, can I come in?"