Phone call

Publish Date
Word Count
233 words
Content Warnings
  • Abuse;
  • Suicide;
  • Bullying

Authors notes

"Jessica Smith speaking."
"Mom, it's me."
"Hi sweety, what is it?"
"Mom, I..."
"Sammy, what's wrong? You sound upset."
"Mom. I don't want to die."
"Sweety, what are you talking about? You're worrying me."
"I just don't know what else to do."
"Sam, where are you?"
"Middle of Staton bridge."
"What are you... Oh my God, Sam, stay where you are; I'm calling the police."
"NO. Please, no police."
"Sweety I,..."
"Alright, I won't call the police if you PROMISE me to not do it. I'm coming to get you."
"Mom, I..."
"Sweety, I love you, promise me, please don't do this."
"I'm not hanging up the phone; talk to me whenever you like."

When the bridge came in sight, Jessica started to scan it for any sign of life, but none was found. The howling wind made it impossible to hear movement over the phone.

"Sam, Sammy, are you still there?" No answer. Jessica's heart started racing. "SAM, SAM, CAN YOU HEAR ME," she yelled into the phone, but no answer came.

When Jessica arrived at the bridge, Sammy was sitting on one of the foundations slumped over, hugging her knees, sobbing violently. When she looked up, her mother could see how bruised her face was, along with the words "FUCK BOY" written across her forehead in black marker.